Theme engine - Overview

FunnelWeb has a very powerful theme engine that is provided allowing you to manipulate your FunnelWeb site to your own personal needs.

Let's have a look at what you can do with the Theme Engine.

Getting Started

Themes are bundled into a single location, and then from the admin system you can choose the appropriate theme for your site.

Everything in the Theme Engine is stored in the /Themes/ folder in the root of FunnelWeb. To create a new Theme create a folder within there and that will act as the name of the Theme you are creating.

And now you're done, you're ready to create your own theme.

CSS Based Themes

FunnelWeb allows you to create your own Theme which is driven entirely from CSS.

To create a CSS based Theme you need to create a file named Style.css in the folder /Themes/[Theme Name]/Content/Styles. This is following the standard of MVC of storing CSS in a /Content/Styles folder, we just embed it under the Themes folder.

From here you can override any of the CSS on the public site that you want.

HTML Based Themes

If you want to modify the HTML yourself and really customize the look of your FunnelWeb site you can override the different Views which ship with FunnelWeb.

FunnelWeb has its own custom ViewEngine which allows you to do this, the ViewEngine will first look for the /Themes/[Theme Name]/Views/[Controller]/[Action].cshtml before falling back to the out of the box ones.

FunnelWeb pages route through the Wiki Controller, here is a list of it's various Views:

  • Page
    • Used for standard FunnelWeb pages
  • Recent
    • Shows a list of the recently published pages (used as the default home page)
  • Revisions
    • Change history of a page
  • Search
    • Search results
  • SiteMap
    • XML sitemap to publish to search indexers

Please note, it is currently not possible to just override the site masterpage, due to the way the _ViewStart page is handled by the MVC3 Razor ViewEngine.

Posted by: The FunnelWeb Team
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